N4PZ Beacons


N4PZ Beacons are on the air from en52gb.

All beacons run from 6 AM till 9 AM and from 6 PM till Midnight Central Time. If you hear these beacons on the air, please leave a comment below to report it to n4pz@live.com . Thanks!

432.280 Mhz Beacon

Antenna is a cylindrical paraboloid

The 432 MHz Beacon Antenna is a cylindrical parabola, 5 feet high and 2 feet wide giving a broad horizontal lobe ( prob 120 degrees) and a narrow vertical lobe concentrating the RF on the horizon pointed SW from EN52gb. The feed is a dipole backed up by a single reflector looking into the dish. There is probably a lot of spillover off the sides and back because the FD ratio is .4 ( focal length to diameter ratio). Calculated gain for the antenna is 10-12 db. Antenna is mounted 40 feet high and has a clear view to the southwestern horizon. 

Beacon is running at 100 watts, and it’s consistently S2 to S7 in Quincy, Illinois, which is 200 miles to the south of me. Antenna is soon to be omni-directional.


*** 1296.274 MHz Beacon ***

The  1296 beacon is 12 watts divided between two loop yagis. One pointed at southwest and the other is pointed toward Minneapolis. I have trees to the east. I could put it on another higher tower to point over the trees to the east but it would take about 120 feet of GOOD feedline from the basement or a brick in the garage to reduce the run/loss to the antennas.


  2 Responses to “N4PZ Beacons”

  1. Hi Steve,
    The ID-O-MATIC kit is assembled and working. I have programmed it several times and tested with output to a speaker. Will put on air to test and then will be ready for beacon duty.

    Doug Abrahamson, KC9SDO

  2. 432 beacon is just at my noise floor in EN24gp… running a single 432 9wl at 35 feet and no mast mounted preamp(yet). FT-991 is rather deaf on 432 also.

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